Nail Art

A wide variety of extensions depending on your routine, we pick up the perfect high quality products resourced from around the globe. We understand your requirement and suggest you the best shape, nail art and color for you.

Eyelash Extension

Let’s accept the fact that the eyelash extension is a dose of glamour to everyday life. If your eyelashes are short or uneven and every time you have to use mascara to even it, then eyelash extension is the best solution to avoid every day’s chaos. Let us warn you: You might get addicted to your eye extensions and you might feel distracted every time you look into mirror. Jokes apart but you will be blown away by seeing the extension (product) options we have from across the globe.
From classic 4D to 6D Russian volume to 8-14D mega volume (individual lines) is available at Nailed It.

PS: We have certified technicians who holds license to do this art work.

Hair Extension

The hair vogue changes expeditiously but your hair never grows that rapidly. Hair extension is “the solution” to sustain in the fashion savvy world. At Nailed It we help you to find out suitable extensions according to your taste and budget. Availability of wavy, nature and straight extensions will make it easy for your choose with punk colors at Nailed It.

Benefits of Hair Extensions

  • Instant hair change
  • Color Change
  • Low Maintenance
  • Different looks for different occasions
  • Say No to split ends
  • Add vibrancy to hair
  • Add on to hair volume

It’s essential to look good to feel good!

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