After Care

Eyelash Extensions

1. Do not get lashes wet for the first 24 hours.
2. Let lashes air dry and brush them regularly.
3. Do not use oil based products around lash line.
4. Do not use mascara or eyelash curler.
5. Use only water based makeup remover and makeup.
6. Avoid pulling extensions and rubbing eyes.
7. To extend life of your lashes, schedule touch ups every 2-3 weeks.

Nail Extensions

1. Do not put pressure on the tip of your extensions.
2. Open boxes and drawers with fingers, not nails !
3. If you paint over your nail extension with another colour remember to use non-acetone polish remover to remove the top coat without damaging the enhancement underneath.
4. Do not pick off your nail extensions as this will remove the top layer of your natural nail, compromising its health and quality.
5. Attend regular manicure maintenance appointments, approximately every 2-3 weeks, to keep your nails in shape and looking their best.

Hair Extensions

1. Hair extensions grow out and get looser as your natural hair grow. It is important that you attend for regular maintenance.
2. Brush hair gently using a detangler daily. Begin with detangling the ends and work up the mid lengths to the roots.
3. Always support the roots of your hair and the extensions bonds when brushing and do not tug or pull on your extensions. Never brush extensions when wet.
4. Avoid swimming in salt water and chlorine as it will cause your extensions to become dry and knotty.
5. Ensure conditioner is only on the middle and ends of the hair - avoid putting product on the root area and areas where extensions are attached, making sure to rinse thoroughly to avoid any build-up.
6. After washing, avoid rolling or rubbing the hair, instead gently squeeze out the excess water and pat dry with a towel.
7. Gently blow dry the hair using a cold setting to begin with, this avoids any problems with the bonds softening or rings corroding, then proceed to blow dry the hair as normal.
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